Hay Day

Hay Day Hack Tool

Hay Day is a farming(simulator) game in which you buy animals and expand your farm in order to level up, earn more Coins, XP Points and Diamonds.

Hay Day is pretty hard for new players who need to manage their resources very carefully in order to prepare enough food to feed the animals, execute orders from the customers, develop their farm, update there Burn and Silo and earn more Diamonds and Coins.When you reach level 24 the game becomes easier as you are able to produce your own Diamonds and grow your farm.

We created the Hay Day Hack Tool for all players who want to develop faster their farm and jump to higher levels quickly.The Hay Day Hack Tool gives you unlimited access to resources (Coins and Diamonds) just with few clicks. It’s easy and safe. Download the tool, become a successful Hay Day farmer and increase your followers in no time.

But before downloading your own Hay Day Hack Tool first check out what kind of Features we provide, How to use section and the Status of our Tool.
Enter your Hay Day Username:
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How to use the Hay Day Hack Tool: - Enter your Hay Day Username, values for Coins and Diamonds.
- Download the Hay Day Hack Tool above.
- Connect your device to your PC or Mac via USB (you must have the game already installed).
- Install hack tool on your device.
- Enjoy your hack!
Features: - Unlimited Diamonds.
- Unlimited Coins.
- Works with PC or Mac, all browsers and all mobile devices (Android and iOS).
- Automatic check for new updates.
- Tested and 100% working.
- Proxy support (Undetectable, Safe, No spyware).
- Please note - don’t use this program to generate more than 5000 coins and diamonds per day!
Status:Online, last checked 30 minutes ago

Sept 15 , 2016
Hay Day Update 1.26.110 (14 September 2016).
The Deby Leagues are here(finally). Try your best in the next derby race but be careful, you have to be one of the top farmers to stay on the league. Complete new tasks (with our help of cource) and get more rewards and trophies. Have fun!

June 20 , 2016
Hay Day Update 1.25.86 (17 June 2016).
Happy Birthday Hay day! Party with style and enjoy this update. Like in the summer, all animals wear cool outfits. The new Derby tasks are here for you, now is the time to act.

April 24, 2016
Hay Day Update 1.24.86 (22 April 2016).
The Derby has started, a lots of updates about the logs, trophies and more. After the battle is finished get ready to make some pasta from the pasta maker, or maybe some noodle soup. Mr. Alfred(the postman) now has a new scooter so he can travel in style. Don't forget the Neighborhoods Derby, after all we are here to help you win them.

March 13, 2016
Hay Day Update 1.23.248 (12 March 2016).
Ladies and gentlemen start your ... Neighborhoods, for Neighborhoods Derby. In this update you can also play with Kitten & Puppy the new lovely animals.
Let the Derby begin.

Dec 05, 2014
Hay Day Update 1.22.135 (03 Dec 2014).
Winter is here. New animal has arrived (Duck). Chase a duck and use it products for pillows and blankets.

Oct 17, 2014
Hay Day Update 1.21.47 (16 Oct 2014).
Fall Theme is here. New products appeared Beeswax from Honeycombs and Candle Maker machine to create Aromatic Candles. Our Hack Tool is tested and updates, Have Fun!.

Sept 17, 2014
Hay Day Update 1.20.120 (15 Sept 2014).
The Bees Update as they call it.Beehives, Nectar buches, Honeycombs. Produce your own honey and combine it with products like popcorn, apple cake and more. New Gift shop and New decorations for your town.Hay Day Hack Tool tested and updated.

Jul 2, 2014
Hay Day Update 1.19.85 (1 Jul 2014)
New Cotton crop, New Sewing Machine,New town area decorations(Streetlight, Hydrant and a new leafy plant), New mining tool, pool with a slide, picnic mat, mushroom house.

May 25, 2014
Hay Day Update 1.18.116 (20 May 2014)
Repair the new train platform, repairing the Station, movie theater, Bed & Breakfast, grocery store, new diner, new spa, decorations, beach cafe, reputation points to unlock even more buildings, Upgrade your train station,Upgrade your town hall and service buildings, Repair your own personal train, Use your train to pick up the visitors your neighbors, Serve the visitors in your town, Iron and Coal from the Mine, New Jewelry product, Increased value of Ore, Bars and Jewelry, Berry juice unlocking level(from 34 to 31).

March 11, 2014
Hay Day Update 1.17.94 (10 March 2014)
Smoothie Mixer, Andalusian pet donkey, more decorations.

Feb 14, 2014
Hay Day Update 1.16.148 (12 Feb 2014).
New fishing spots, new fish, new pet donkey, lemon tree, Greg's new products and Korean language supported.
Hay Day Hack Tool tested and updated.